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“Our life is what our thoughts make it.”     Marcus Aurelius


I am convinced that man possesses all the capabilities to take full leadership over their own lives. Nothing just happens and you can influence everything in yourself. This begins with the realization that you always have a choice how to deal with a particular thought, feeling or situation. But it goes so far that through surrender to the now and setting a clear intention, you consciously can create your own reality.



It is a challenge to live from inner strength if you are bothered by emotional baggage and obstructive patterns. Sticking to these influences is usually done unconsciously, while providing a form of security. It helps you to deal with situations in a familiar way to you, no matter how subversive this possibly works out. By the willingness to step out of your comfort zone and to develop a proactive way of thinking and feeling, you will be able to take life into your own hands and provide it with conscious guidance.


Sattva, the name of my practice, is a Sanskrit term from the yoga philosophy. I chose this name because its meaning covers the load beautifully, my practice focuses on through coaching and yoga. Sattva stands for the highest human quality defined as purity. A state of imperturbability and balance caused by a calm mind. As we develop the quality of Sattva in ourselves, we become more and more aware of our identification with automatic thinkingpatterns, the world and the authority we place in it. We return to a state of intrinsic value and inner strength. A state of Being in which we can shape life from the inside out and in a conscious way.

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