Yoga is a profound psycho-spiritual discipline, a form of consciousness training, which consists of both physical and mental exercise. Everyone can practice yoga regardless of physical and mental condition, age or background. Therefore Sattva Yoga & Coaching provides yoga classes for different groups. It is also possible to take private lessons.





Hatha Yoga & Flow

During the lessons profound physical exercise, breathing techniques, meditation and relaxation will be practiced. The body postures are built up step by step where you work on proper technique and alignment. Where necessary, adjustments will take place. In addition to holding postures for a longer time period, you practice gentle flow. In the lessons you improve your physical functioning, practice self-observation, conscious presence and work on increasing inner strength.

Yoga & healthcare/welfare

Yoga has a transformative and therapeutic effect. When you are struggling with an addiction background, psychological/psychiatric or physical issues, the practice of yoga offers a powerful support. It can also make a positive contribution to the road to recovery. With the different exercises you influence your body and its energy flow. You gain more insight into your emotional and mental state and develop the power of concentration, observation and silence.

Private Yoga

Do you want complete alignment with your level, situation and need? During a private lesson you will receive intensive personal guidance in your yoga practice. This makes it possible to focus the lesson on issues that require attention and to emphasize those parts of yoga in which you wish to develop. The focused deepening of your practice can make a valuable contribution to your personal development and awareness process.

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