My goal as a coach is that you restore the contact with yourself and regain your inner strength. My approach is intuitive and solution oriented. I use different perspectives to gain insight into your thinking and emotions. In addition, I observe body signals and the energy distribution in your body. With in-depth questions and observations, we examine which obstructive patterns are standing in the way to achieve positive change. By mirroring, confronting and solution based working, I challenge you to take the necessary steps.


The secret of change is to focus all of your energy, not on fighting the old, but on building the new.   Socrates

Solution based

Besides the importance of getting your problem in focus, the main focus during the coaching is working on solutions. Instead of focusing on what does not work, we look at your abilities, skills and resources that you can make use of. The point is to find the strength within yourself. This contributes to the awareness of the impact you have on shaping your own life. My job is to build on these strengths and to help focus on a positive breakthrough.



Coaching and Yoga Therapy

Combining coaching with yoga therapy provides the opportunity to work alongside emotional, mental and behavioral. Depending on the problem, I introduce various physical and mental exercises. I research what are your capabilities and limits. The findings will be explored during the coaching sessions and used to stimulate change.


Coaching and Mindfulness Training

Mindfulness training stimulates conscious presence in the here and now. This is of great value to the coaching process, for only then do you really have the ability to perceive yourself with clarity. ‘Presence’ does not mean you take a passive role and do nothing. In conjunction with the Coaching it enables you just to enter into conscious action and to function with more focus.



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