As a passionate coach and (therapeutic) yoga and meditation teacher I guide people in the process of turning inward. In a personal, intuitive but also confrontational manner I support in increasing body awareness and mental growth. Centering yourself into Being is the starting point. This enables a truly clear observation of what is happening both mentally and physically. In this way, new thinking patterns and more conscious ways of behaviour and movement can arise. A holistic approach therefore, that takes into account the different aspects of being human and thus forms a thorough basis for essential transformation.

“To know what goes on in one’s mind and heart, you must have a free mind, not a mind that agrees or disagrees, but a mind that follows all with the intent to understand.


Since I can remember, I have been looking for essences and experience a deep fascination for the nature of man. I see every human being as a unique expression of an infinite universal consciousness. With great interest I investigate the connection between body and mind. An investigation, that is accompanied by an ongoing deepening of psychological and metaphysical insights. The source of my fascination lies in my youth, which was characterized by longlasting traumatic experiences. Self-examination and the practice of yoga and meditation, were found to be decisive in processing the resulting emotional and mental pains. The learning path I have gone through, forms the basis of my contemporary work and vision. An approach based on the intense power of authentic Being and consciously shaping life from there.   


I graduated as an anthropologist with a specialization in developmental issues and religious anthropology. The different directions reflect my interest in aid/healing on the one hand and the relationship between man and the “higher” on the other. In my current practice, both paths have come together in the role of coach and (therapeutic) yoga/meditation teacher. In addition to my university study, I have been trained as a professional coach, transformative/therapeutic yoga teacher and meditation teacher/dynamic meditation therapist. I also completed the training MBCT (Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy). In addition, I followed several courses and trainings in the field of energy and consciousness work.


For years I coached people with (multiple) problems at various welfare institutions. In addition to my work, I have been practicing yoga and meditation with great dedication since the 1990s. The impact it had on my life turned out to be so healing that the desire arose to connect yoga/meditation with coaching. It was the main reason for starting my own practice: SATTVA Yoga & Coaching in 2016. A practice in which I offer coaching infused by yogic values. Conversely, I also started to integrate coaching skills in my yogaclasses. This has meant that in addition to regular classes, I have been teaching therapeutic yogaclasses at the mental healthcare institute Arkin/ROADS and for Welfare Foundation Diemen since 2016. 

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