Do you struggle with a problem or question of life within yourself, your personal life or at work? Then it can be helpful to call in an independent conversation partner. As a coach I provide an intimate atmosphere where you can safely share your story. I keep a mirror in front of you and challenge you to think outside your existing frameworks, feelings and behaviors. By restoring the contact with yourself and regain your strength, you set the stage for a positive change.



“ The most important relationship you’ll have in your life is with your Self.”


For whom?

Individual coaching can be used in different situations:

• Stress and burnout
• Personal growth and development
• Confidence
• Anxiety
• Gloom
• Personal resilience
• Reintegration
• Existential life questions
• Coping with grief / loss


What is it about?

During the coaching process, we look for patterns that keeps you feeling stuck. In order to bring awareness and movement into being I will confront and work with you with a focus on solution. We focus on your goals and needs. What matters is that you restore the contact with yourself and increase your self-confidence. By focusing on your abilities and skills and thus to speak to the power within yourself, a positive change can take place in your thinking and behavior.



My style of coaching is personal, informal and direct. As a coach I mentally, emotionally and intuitively completely tune into you. I listen to you from a sincere commitment and with an open mind. In addition, I observe body signals and the distribution of energy in your body. Central to my approach is that you connect with your inner strength and thus realize your power to shape your life in a conscious way.




  • Private rate:. € 75 per hour plus VAT
  • Business rate:. € 125 plus VAT per hour
  • Students and low-income: price agreement

Cancellations can be done at least 24 hours prior to an appointment. Without cancellation the full amount will be charged. This does not apply if there is scheduled a follow-up appointment within five business days.


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