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Do you want to practice yoga in an inspiring atmosphere and with room for personal attention? Improve your physical and mental condition and stimulate the energy flow. Develop more clarity and tranquility through the practice of self-observation and conscious presence.  Sattva Yoga & Coaching offers yoga to different target groups. It is also possible to follow private yoga, where the lessons are fully attuned to your level, situation and interest.


Rediscover your inner power in order to function again in a positive way. Replace obstructive patterns for a conscious and proactive way of life. With a direct, intuitive and solution-oriented approach I will gladly help you further. Coaching can also be combined with Yoga therapy or Mindfulness Training. This offers the opportunity of integrating working with the body and the deepening of consciousness into the coaching. A valuable addition on the road to positive change.


Sattva Yoga & Coaching provides dynamic yoga and mindfulness workshops. With the help of mental and physical exercise, the primary aim of growing conscious inner awareness is practiced. A workshop is an inspiring opportunity for individual insights and an improved functioning of the group as a whole. Depending on which objectives to meet, a workshop can be focused on a specific topic or theme. Workshops are organized for informal groups, companies, institutions and government.